Standon Bowers Outdoor Education Centre - KWB Powerfire 150kW

ST16 2DH Stafford

Site background: Standon Bowers Outdoor Education Centre is a council owned activity centre in rural Staffordshire catering for 100+ children. The poor energy performance of this historic building, combined with an unusually high hot water demand (for showers) resulted in a very high oil consumption. Rising oil costs and locally available woodchip from Council owned woodland meant Biomass was the ideal solution.

Solution: A containerised plant room was chosen to minimise the disruption associated with site work, provide room to accommodate the boiler and buffer tanks, and allow the existing oil plant to be retained for back-up heating. The boiler is fuelled from a bespoke underground bunker with hydraulic lid – designed to minimise visual impact and allow easy access for deliveries using existing equipment.


The boiler is owned and operated by the council under an ESCO arrangement. Because the council is not actually on site to run the boiler, a KWB TDS 150kW boiler was chosen for its known reliability, efficiency, and technical features like remote monitoring.

Benefits to customer: The activity centre now has a low carbon, low cost source of heating with improved hot water for showering. The council now have another site converted to low carbon heating – helping them to achieve their sustainability goals whilst also providing a significant revenue from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).