Northamptonshire County Council Yelvertoft Primary School - KWB Pelletfire Plus 65kW

NN6 6LH Northampton

Boiler: KWB MF2 S Pelletfire Plus

Fuel Type: Wood pellet (EN-Plus 6mm)

Project type: Heat cabin

Project Scope

Northamptonshire County council is part of Regional Development Framework (ERDF) project called ZECOS (Development and Introduction of the Communal Zero CO2e Emission Certification System as a Tool for sustainable Communities and Regions). Under the ZECOS Project, funding has been secured for the installation of biomass boilers in a number of schools within the County. Yelvertoft Primary School was one of the schools chosen, however like many schools across the Country, the existing oil boiler house was too small to house a biomass boiler and associated equipment.


A bespoke biomass heat cabin was installed, which would provide a solution that maximised the limited amount of space available on-site whilst minimising the impact on car parking space. The KWB Pelletfire Plus boiler was the ideal choice for this application, along with an automated level detector for the integral pellet store, as it is both highly efficient and very low maintenance. Finally to enhance its appearance, the heat cabin is clad in an FSC/PEFC certified cedar.

Benefits to customer

Yelvertoft Primary School now has a new sustainable biomass boiler system in place which has reduced their carbon emissions and fuel costs by approximately 40 per cent. This helps Northamptonshire County Council, via the ZECOS project, meet their objectives of carbon reduction and sustainability. The school also has something tangible to help educate children and parents with issues around sustainability.