North Devon - KWB Easyfire 22kW

Boiler: KWB Easyfire 2 Pellet Boiler 22 KW and 300l Hand Fill Tank

Fuel Type:  Wood pellet

Project type: New boiler installation  

Project Scope

This customer owns a property in North Devon and wanted to replace an old LPG boiler with a greener alternative for his family home.


KWB UK converted an existing adjacent store room to allow for the installation of a bag fed KWB Easyfire 22KW Boiler. The new KWB biomass boiler now supplies an existing radiator system and two hot water cylinders. Due to the boiler's built-in Return Flow Boost system the need for a Buffer Vessel was not required, this was important as there was limited space available in the small plant room.

Benefits to customer

The customer now has a KWB Easyfire Boiler which means he can now claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The new boiler has a higher efficiency rate, producing instant hot water unlike the previous boiler which took several hours to heat up.