Bude, Cornwall - KWB Easyfire 30kW

EX23 9PH Bude

Boiler: KWB Easyfire 30 KW

Fuel Type: Wood pellet

Project type: New boiler installation

Project Scope

Geoff Greaves lives in a Cornish cottage farmhouse near Bude, Cornwall. He wanted to replace an existing oil boiler with a biomass solution. The biomass boiler would be located in a new plant room designed and built by Geoff.


KWB UK worked with Geoff to ensure that the new plant room was able to store the KWB biomass boiler effectively whilst ensuring Geoff’s design was still maintained. KWB UK provided the plans for the plant room enabling Geoff to build the outhouse and then once built a KWB Easyfire 30KW, 800 litre Buffer Vessel and a seven tonne big bag pellet store was installed and commissioned. KWB UK connected the boiler to the main farmhouse using an overhead bridge which contained KWB UK’s insulated pipework.

Benefits to customer

Geoff has a KWB Easyfire boiler which means he can now claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The new boiler has a higher efficiency rate, producing instant hot water unlike the previous oil boiler which took several hours to heat up. The construction of the plant room also meant the original boiler room within the house could be converted into an additional bathroom.